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On April 3, 2012 by andrei

1 Facebook

Cei de la AT Kearney s-au uitat la cum comunica brandurile pe Facebook. Teoria lor este ca brandurile mari ocolesc latura interactiva a comunicarii pe Facebook.

2 Android si wifi

Studiu: Utilizatorii americani de Android folosesc foarte foarte rar wifi-ul.

Chart: Mobile and Wi-Fi Internet Connection Activity Across iOS and Android Smartphone Platforms in the U.S. and U.K. (Feb-2012)Description: A U.S. analysis of Wi-Fi and mobile Internet usage across unique smartphones on the iOS and Android platforms reveals that 71 percent of all unique iPhones used both mobile and Wi-Fi networks to connect to the Internet, while only 32 percent of unique Android mobile phones used both types of connections. A further analysis of this pattern of behavior in the U.K. shows consistent results, as 87 percent of unique iPhones used both mobile and Wi-Fi networks for web access compared to a lower 57 percent of Android phones.Source: comScore Device Essentials, February 2012Tags: 3G, Wi-FiAuthor: comScorecharts powered by iCharts

3 KFC in Ghana

KFC a deschis si in Ghana. Pozele cu cozile din tara africana mi-au amintit de inceputurile McDonald’s in Romania.

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