World Franchise Days Conference Roundup

On September 30, 2011 by andrei

I am at this year’s World Franchise Days today and these are the key ideas from this conference.

Key Ideas

  • There are 500+ franchises in Romania
  • 80% success rate for franchised companies in Romania
  • 65% of polled Romanians have an investment budget of up to 10 000 EUR (for franchises)
  • Only 15% of polled Romanians plan on taking up a franchise or are already preparing to launch a franchise in Romania

Additional info

Mr. Paturan (Bata) promoted the idea of francise brands for the premium fashion segment and Mr. Markos (Replay) had a classic “Look-How-Nice-We-Are” presentation.

With his presentation delivered in Spanish, Mr. Peralta (Cellulem Block) showed a very flexible franchise model.

Mr. Ionut Bonoiu (Forbes) showed a macroreview of the Romanian context.
Top 500 richest Romanians have an estate deemed at 25.4 billion EUR (down from last year), 450 of them have businesses related to retail.

Surprising facts from the top 100 franchises in Romania:

  • Second Cup is not present in the top
  • Haagen Dasz appears to have a lower awareness than Wienerwald

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