Nokia’s Burning Platform and CI

On February 9, 2011 by andrei

Based on Nokia’s internal memo (Read the memo) about the burning platform, Eric Garland asks about the implication of organizational culture and CI.

Here’s my take on this subject

Culture is something one builds in time. It’s something shared by every member of a group. This is why I believe that a culture for competitive intelligence must shared by all employees, all members of a team. Of course that the CEO (the entire C-level) should foster the CI spirit but unless the organization supports him, he might as well be gardening or playing golf.

Now, to the memo itself. Doesn’t the text strike you as similar to the ice-berg melting concept of Mr. Kotter? I believe that Nokia’s CEO just gave the signal for what’s next: a massive change management program. I’ve just analyzed the words he used in the text and believe that he and his team did a great job of hammering in some key words:

1. Platform
2. Market
3. Share
4. Burning
5. Nokia
6. Man
7. One
8. Percent
9. Range
10. Developers

The first 100 most frequent words are here

As such, I strongly believe that the memo is about more than CI. It’s about Nokia’s imminent move to a new software platform, a new corporate structure, a new attitude and – in time – a new culture.

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